Carnegie Mellon Alpha Phi




Dear Potential New Members,

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon!  One of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities here at CMU is joining the Greek community!  While recruitment can be a bit overwhelming, it is the start of an amazing journey in college to become a member of the Greek community at CMU.  We at Alpha Phi cannot wait to meet all the women going through Formal Membership Recruitment this fall!

Formal Membership Recruitment is a week long period at the beginning of the school year where women will attend a series of events, explore chapter houses, eat exquisite food, and meet hundreds of women. Recruitment is fun process that gives you the opportunity to make new friends and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Becoming a member of Alpha Phi has been such a humbling experience and because of this opportunity to be apart of such a remarkable sorority, we are forever grateful. We are surrounded by women who are ambitious, kind, fun, and push us to be the best version of ourselves. We have made friendships that will truly last a lifetime. Although recruitment is just a few short days, our hope is that you find your home away from home and find a love for Alpha Phi just as we did. All of the Alpha Phis are anticipating meeting you in September, and we wish you the very best of luck!!  


Brenna and Gayathri

Vice President and Director of Membership Recruitment



Any alumna of Alpha Phi may recommend a potential new member for an Alpha Phi chapter. Our Recommendation Form introduces the potential new member to the chapter and provides the chapter with helpful information about the potential new member during the recruitment process. More information and directions on how to complete and submit the form are available in the Members Only section of A direct link to the pertinent information is available here. For any questions about legacy status, recommendations, or or recruitment please contact our Vice President of Membership Recruitment Brenna Pellon at

Please send all letters of recommendation to the following address:

Brenna Pellon

1079 Morewood Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Please send all electronic recommendations to: